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Frequently Asked Questions

On this page you will find all the information you need about the Tulpenroute Flevoland. Is the answer to your question not on this list? Fill in the contact form and we will try to answer your question within three days.

1. Opening hours Tulpenroute Flevoland

The tulip routes will be accessible daily from April 15 to May 7 2023 between 09:00 and 18:00 ‘o clock. We expect most tulip fields to be in full bloom during this period, although we cannot guarantee this. After this period, most tulips will be cut off and will no longer be visible. Unfortunately, we then will have to wait another year for the tulips to bloom. There are several routes that you can take by car or bicycle. You can read more about the routes further below.

2. Tickets

Tickets for the car routes start selling from March and can be bought on this website. An exact date will follow and can be found here on the site as well. When you buy a ticket, you pick a day and a time slot. We use time slots to guarantee that the routes won’t be too crowded. After buying a ticket you can already download the Tulpenroute Flevoland App at home. On this app you will find the route, the audio tour (only in Dutch) and additional information about extra activities. You do not need to buy a ticket for the cycling routes.

3. Car Route

The three car routes are in Eastern and Southern Flevoland and can be driven via the Tulpenroute Flevoland App, which can be booked in advance. The routes are tours, which means that you will return at your starting location. The length of the routes varies annually, but will be between 70 and 100 kilometers. There is a route east of Dronten and Swifterbant; one through the municipality of Zeewolde and a route through Biddinghuizen, Dronten and Lelystad.

To drive a car route, you have to order a ticket on this website. Then, you will find all the information you need in the Tulpenroute Flevoland App: the booked route, an audio tour and additional information. The app is currently only provided with Dutch information. However, with your ticket you will receive a printed map at the starting location. These maps are for sale as well at the starting locations. We use time slots in the app to prevent peak crowds at various locations along the routes. This way we can guarantee the safety of everyone on and along the routes.

You reserve a time slot and start at your chosen starting location. At your starting location you will receive the printed map of the route and a participation sticker. Place this sticker visibly on your car dashboard. The sticker gives you approval to drive on certain closed roads. You can now drive the route using the Tulpenroute Flevoland App or the printed map. There is no physical signage on the route.

4. Cycling Route

This year there are three marked cycling routes in Eastern and Southern Flevoland. The routes can be downloaded from this site before the opening of the Tulpenroute Flevoland. These routes are freely accessible and are signposted.

All activities can be found on the activity calendar.

5. Install the Tulpenroute Flevoland App before your visit

On the Tulip Route Flevoland App you will find the route, the audio tour (only in Dutch) and additional information about extra activities. It is useful to download the app with the route on your phone or tablet at home. Then, you don’t need an internet connection to follow the route, because the route works via GPS. The route and additional information are read out on the app during your ride. Motorcyclists can also use the app in this way. You can find the Tulpenroute Flevoland App in the Apple store and Android store. The app is currently only provided with Dutch information. However, with your ticket you will receive a printed map at the starting location. These maps are for sale as well at the starting locations.

6. Activities along the route

Various agricultural companies can be found along the routes. They will open their businesses at certain times during the Tulpenroute period. At these companies you can find an activity, something to buy or something to see. Big tulip beach flags will indicate whether a business is open along the routes. When you see a flag along the road, you are most welcome. The opening days and times of the companies may differ from the opening hours of the routes. All information about the companies and which activities take place can be found on the activity calendar.

7. Public transport and bicycle rental

The area where the Tulpenroute takes place is very extensive and the tulip fields are in a rural area. Therefore, the routes and tulip fields are difficult to reach by public transport. It is not easy to get to the routes by bus or train. If you don’t live in the area, it is advised to travel the Tulpenroute by car.

It is not possible to rent a bicycle near the tulip fields.

8. Tulip Fields

Flevoland is quite extensive. This means that the tulip fields are not always along the road and sometimes you won’t find any tulips for a few kilometers. Sometimes a field is already cut off towards the end of the Tulpenroute period. The flowering of the tulips cannot be controlled. It depends on species, temperature, sun, and other weather conditions. We therefore cannot advise when most tulips will be in bloom. On the bloom meter you can see how things are going with the growth of the tulips.

9. Entering the tulip fields

It is strictly forbidden to enter the tulip fields. First of all, you enter the private property of the farmer or grower. Moreover, visitors may transfer viruses from one flower to another. This can be detrimental to the grower’s yield. Taking pictures is of course allowed, but please stay on the sides of the fields.

9. Buy fresh tulips or tulip bulbs

Several entrepreneurs will have fresh tulips for sale directly from the tulip grower. These can be found along all car and bicycle routes. There will be some picking fields as well. You can find these picking fields in the route on the Tulpenroute Flevoland App and on the printed map. Tulip bulbs are only sold in the Netherlands in September and October. That is when the tulips are planted.

11. Entering private properties

Please note that farms are private property. Therefore, it is not permitted to enter a farmyard, unless you see a tulip beach flag along the road. Otherwise, always ask permission to enter a farmyard or path.

12. Food and Toilet Facilities

In Flevoland and around the routes you will find various restaurants and farms where you can find something to eat, as well as a toilet. In addition, several farmers and participating companies provide a toilet. This will be indicated by these companies themselves along the road.

13. Troubleshooting

I booked a time slot, but I can’t make it. Can I start later?
When you are unable to start on time, starting later on the same day won’t be a problem. Do you want to drive the route on another day? Please contact us at We will try to answer your email within three days.

I am unable to attend, but I bought a ticket. Will I get my money back?
No. We do not refund if you decide not to drive the route after you have bought a ticket.

I booked the wrong route. Can I change routes?
If you have booked the wrong route, please contact us at We will try to answer your email within three days. We will try to answer your email within three days.

14. Be a neat guest

You are a guest in the beautiful province of Flevoland. We hope that you not only enjoy the tulips, but also the vast landscape. Please respect the properties of the residents and farmers.

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