Practical information

1. Opening times

You can drive the Tulpenroute Flevoland routes from April 16th to May 9th 2021, daily from 9.00 to 18.00 hours. There will be no more tulip fields to enjoy after May 9th. The tulips’ flower heads will have been cut off by then. Are you too late? Then we look forward to seeing you again in the spring of 2022!

2. Company visits

You will find tulip flags along the routes. These flags are positioned at (agricultural) companies which organise an activity, or where you can see or purchase something.

3. Tulip fields

Flevoland boasts a very extensive landscape. The tulip fields won’t always be found right by the roadside and you may not see any tulips for a few kilometres. Do make sure you enjoy all the other fantastic crops, the sown fields, the multitude of windmills and beautiful views.

4. Visiting a tulip field

You are not permitted to enter the tulip fields. Neither can you park your car on or along the road (for road safety reasons). You can’t enter the fields, as there is a risk that you may carry diseases. This can lead to a loss of yield. However, the route maps will provide you with details of tulip fields you can visit. There will also be parking facilities at these fields.

5. Buying tulip bulbs

You unfortunately won’t be able to buy tulip bulbs in the spring. Tulip bulbs are sold in September and October in the Netherlands. Why? That’s the time the tulips are planted.

6. Buying fresh tulips

It will be possible to pick fresh tulips at some locations. These locations will be indicated on the route maps. There is a number of locations where you can buy tulips direct from the grower. You will also have the option of buying various different tulip products along the route, such as bags, clothing or wooden tulips. These sales points are also indicated on the route maps.

7. Entering farms

Farms are privately owned and therefore private property. You are more than welcome if you spot a tulip flag. However, you can’t enter the farm or drive onto the premises if there is no flag on display. If you do want to do this – for whatever reason – you will always need to request permission from the residents in question first.

8. Seabed

Once you’re driving along the Flevoland Tulip Routes, you’ll realise you’re actually driving at the bottom of the former Zuiderzee. A truly unique piece of the world. The polders were built from 1954. We can enjoy lovely dry feet in Flevoland thanks to the dikes and pumping stations. Interested in how Flevoland has developed over the years? The dikes, pumping stations and so-called measuring chairs are also all indicated on the route maps.

9. Guest

We look forward to welcoming you as our guests in our beautiful Flevoland. We hope you won’t just enjoy the tulips but will also spend some time admiring our young province’s far-reaching landscapes. We would, however, kindly ask you to respect the residents’ and growers’ property.


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